Which remote desktop solution is easiest and fastest to set up for users?

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Willi Richert (TwoToReal)

I want to add the possibility to start a remote desktop session from a TwoToReal discussion.

The most obvious way would be to add a button somewhere that allows the asker to initiate the session and send the information regarding IP, etc. to the other answerers. This would be send directly to them in some form of e.g. a vnc:// or similar link.

This brings up several questions:

  1. Has anyone experience with this?
  2. Which application should be supported? UltraVNC? TeamViewer? NoMachine?

There is a comparison, but it does not tell about how aspects like how easy it is to install, use, etc.

padelt padelt

The problem here is that both sides (expert and client) are variable. So you would need to have both sides run or start some software. This way or another, it will be cumbersome.

The easiest way (given Java is installed and can run Applets in the user's browser) I have seen is screenleap.com. But this will only make sharing for the client easy. He or she will still need to communicate with the expert out-of-band (where band is twotoreal).

The nearest to a solution would be a fancy version of UltraVNC Singleclick that is automatically built for a client and that uses a proxy with known IP/port for the expert to connect. The expert could then use the HTTP interface with built-in Java applet for viewing the clients desktop. Obviously, there are severe security implications that need to be dealt with. Don't forget that you need to support client and server software on at least three platforms (PC, Mac, Linux) and about a dozen Browsers and a dozen Java versions. That could be a viable business opportunity in itself. Automatable remote desktop services that actually work.

Teamviewer has a quick support option but that is a) expensive and b) requires OOB-communication between expert and client too.