How can I move a window from one workspace to the other in the Ratpoison window manager?

wr wr
Willi Richert (TwoToReal)

My current Ratpoison config contains the following:

exec rpws 1
exec /usr/bin/rpws init 12 -k

bind F1 exec rpws 1
bind F2 exec rpws 2
bind F3 exec rpws 3
bind F4 exec rpws 4
bind F5 exec rpws 5
bind F6 exec rpws 6
bind F7 exec rpws 7
bind F8 exec rpws 8
bind F9 exec rpws 9
bind F10 exec rpws 10
bind F11 exec rpws 11
bind F12 exec rpws 12

definekey top M-Tab next
definekey top M-ISO_Left_Tab prev
aard9 aard9
Aardon Warner

Maybe HerbstLuftWM can do what you want with its support for tags. See also here.

wr wr
Willi Richert (TwoToReal)

Thanks, HerbstLuftWM indeed has a "move" command:

The following part from the config, e.g., binds Alt-Shift-Number to the command that moves a window to the particular virtual desktop:

for i in {1..5} ; do
    hc add "$i"
    hc keybind "$Mod-$i" use "$i"
    hc keybind "$Mod-Shift-$i" move "$i"